R.P. Reece is a science fiction author. R.P.’s books blend his love of storytelling and learning new things with action and dystopian in a fast-paced style. His love of reading contributed to his dream of becoming an author. After years of research and testing which genre he belongs, he settled in Science Fiction, where he loves.
His first novel Rainier’s Republic, is the first installment in the Identification Series.

His sophomore novel, Camp Despair, the second book of the Identification series is schedule to be released early 2020.

Toussaint Gibson has finally accepted his role as leader of the Resistance. Unfortunately, The Republic soldiers have killed and jailed most of the Resistance Fighters.
Alex Copeland has a vendetta towards Toussaint and has not let up on his promise of destroying everything he cares about. First, killing Toussaint’s mother and now has his eyes on his wife.
The Resistance is outnumbered and outgunned. Will Toussaint and the Resistance rise, or will they be defeated and sent to Camp Despair?

Toussaint Gibson is a 28-year-old researcher, who is trying to find closure in an accident that killed his brother and left him missing most of his memories.
In doing so, he discovered that the most powerful man in Washington state, Multi-billionaire Charles Wheeling, has plans to inject all residents with Universal Identity Chips.
Risking his and his families lives, he went to a popular radio station and revealed everything he knew.
 Now Toussaint’s life is in danger and he must decide whether to fight back or remain in hiding.

Camp Despair:

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Rainier’s Republic:

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JW8Y7VD

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